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Introductory Call

This is the initial meeting that we will have together. Where will go through your needs as an appointment based business, and see if  Matador Web Design is best for you. We’ll go through a step by step process of what and how we will build out your website, and how it work once we’re done building it. 

Work Through Call

This is the meeting where we are in the middle of building out your website, and we review everything to make sure it is to your liking, as well as gathering information for the booking software 


  • Services Provided
  • Employee information
  • Working hours

Finalizing Call

This is the tail end of the website building. It is one final meeting for us to make sure everything is working as planned and everything is to your liking. We will also use this time to clarify any final questions about how to use the booking software or any questions related to it.

Booking Software

The website and hosting is completely built out for free! we do charge a small monthly fee to license the booking software. 

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